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a scar I cannot hide

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Birthdate:Nov 22
Location:California, United States of America
ॐ "Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all." .... but of course this is a journal, so I have plenty to say. :P

If you're looking for a new LJ friend, feel free to add me. I typically approve anyone who shares some interests. I rant, I complain, I talk about my day, my family, my life. There's good, bad, and ugly.

ॐ ☸ ☯ ॐ ☸ ☮ ☕ ॐ

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1940's, 33 rpm, 33rpm, 80s, abandoned places, activism, add me, addle, adulating, advocacy, against me, against me!, against the stream, alt country, american aquarium, american west, americana, anti bullying, anti trump, anti-bully, anti-trump, anti-war, anxiety, art, aspergers, aspie, autism, autism awareness, backpacking, banjo, banksy, batman, bauhaus, beastie boys, bella morte, ben nichols, big band, biology, birds, black cats, book worm, bouncing souls, buddhism, buffy, camping, clan of xymox, clean beaches, clean water, cocteau twins, coffee, compassion, counterculture, crafting, cruxshadows, culture club, dark music, darkwave, dating, dc comics, death rock, dexter, dharma, dharma punk, dharma punx, diy, doo wop, dropkick murphys, drums, echo and the bunnymen, electronics, fender guitars, fifties, folk music, forty something, gandhi, gangster rap, gardening, glam, goth, great collapse, guitar, guitar restoration, hepcats, hikes, hiking, history, horror, horror punk, imac, ios, iphone, john hughes, johnny cash, joss whedon, journaling, joy division, left coast, lgbtq ally, liberal, liberal. ios, losing weight, lotus, lp’s, lucero, mala beads, marine life, meditate & destroy, meditation, mermaids, mindfulness, morrissey, mother nature, mountains, nasa, nature, nautical, netflix, new wave, nonbinary, nonviolent resistance, nose art, obama, oingo boingo, oldies, oldschool hiphop, omd, operation ivy, pacific ocean, parenting, parlor guitars, peace, peace punk, pearl harbor, photography, pinterest, playing guitar, political science, positive thinking, post punk, ptsd, punk, punk rock, rancid, rc cars, records, reverb, rise against, roots rock, san diego, science, siddhartha, single parenting, siouxsie, social change, social protest, son volt, southwest, space, star trek, star wars, stargazing, street art, street dogs, strike anywhere, supergirl, surf music, swing, swing kids, tamiya, tattoos, technology, the astronauts, the awakening, the bouncing souls, the buddha, the cure, the distillers, the gaslight anthem, the highwaymen, the interrupters, the moon, the ocean, the rosedales, the sisters of mercy, the smiths, the unseen, the ventures, thrash, thrice, ukulele, vintage guitars, vinyl, volkswagen, warsaw, whale watching, whiskeytown, wwii, yosemite, zen, zoo
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